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“The Lucky Dog Picturehouse mix a lip-snaking cocktail of classic silent movies and zesty new live music, garnished by their own delight in entertaining and educating an audience.  Whether you’re a silent-cinema newcomer or an aficionado, their events make you feel like a lucky dog yourself.”  

Nicholas Barber, Film Critic, BBC Culture

“I have worked with Lucky Dog on a couple of occasions and enjoy their lively and accessible approach to accompaniment. The band work hard to engage with the films rather than just supplying background music or using the films as wallpaper. Period music adds an important educational element – films were never shown silent – and real tunes of the time are a great way of educating the next generation in our musical as well as film heritage. It’s important to the BFI to reach new audiences and this professional unit do just that in a very appealing way.”

Bryony Dixon, Head of Silent Film at BFI

They have a rare ability to enchant both expert audiences and children seeing silents for the first time” 

Jonathan Wakeham LOCO festival (London Comedy Festival)

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Review of PICCADILLY at Wilton’s Music Hall (16/1/16) by Peng Hui Lee

Piccadilly Quad poster ART

Review of LAUREL AND HARDY & BUSTER KEATON double bill at Wilton’s Music Hall (16/02/16) by Lady and the Lamp

Laurel and Hardy 2